GIFT: A message Oriented short film

GIFT: A message Oriented short filmShort Film : GIFT
Director: Sai Kumar Thota
Producer : Rstar Entertainments
Starring: Rishi Pulla, Sameer, GV.Sandeep,
Prathyusha,Lahari, Phani Kumar.
Asst Directors : Sandeep Darapu , Raghavendra
Music : Bony David
Editor: Karthik Nandan
 Many curious directors are budding with creativethoughts and prove their skills step by step. Short Films have become a perfect platform for these experiments.The message oriented and heart touching films have become rare. At this juncture, director Sai Kumar Thota came up with a message oriented short film named
GIFT.Telugu short film GIFT with a tagline ‘Giving ImportanceFor Time’. The film story script is written and directed by V V Saikumar Thota and is produced by Rstar Entertainments. GIFT starring Rishi Pulla, Sameer,
GV.Sandeep, Prathyusha, Lahari, Phani Kumar The short film GIFT is all about the story of two journalists, who want to change the society’s perspective on how truth is portrayed.  An incident took place that changes their lives but they believe that if they help to the other persons who are in the similar situations, their destiny will get them back their happiness which they have lost.
The short film Gift succeeds in keeping the audience’s interest and satisfying them in the end. ‘The Gift’ is a short film that worth a watch.The performances are also top class. It’s always a joy to watch talented person on screen. The music is good and the Camera work is u pto the mark and selection of locations is the highlight. Creating a short film is not that easy with limited budget and duration to express within short time. But director
Sai Kumar Thota has succeeded to grab the audience’s attention.
Short Film GIFT was screened at Prasad Lab.  The Chief Guest Tamma Reddy Bharadwaj ,Actor Sameer, and
Producer  Raj Kandukuri watched the movie.
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