RajDooth Movie review  

RajDooth Movie review  Movie Review: RajDooth

Directors: Arjun Gunnala & Carthyk,

Producer: MLV Satyanarayana,

Music: Varun Sunil,

Starring: Meghamsh Srihari, Nakshatra, Kota Srinivasa Rao,Ravi Varma and others

Release Date: 12 July 2019

Rating: 3.5/5

Story: Sanjay (Meghamsh) is in love of Priya (Nakshatra) and one day he meets Priya’ father but he insulted Sanjay and puts a condition for the marriage. What is the condition? What will Sanjay do now? Will he become successful to win the heart of Priya’s father? Forms the story of the movie.

Plus Points:

·         Meghamsh Srihari

·         Performance

·         Music

·         Dialogues

·         Direction

·          Screenplay

Minus Points:

·         –


Performance: Srihari’s son Meghamsh impresses the viewers with his energetic performance, and facial expressions. He is perfect fit for the role. He clearly understand the importance of the role gives his hundred percent and delivers a performance. Needless to say, Meghamsh will be remembered for a long time to come through the character of Sanjay. The presence of Nakshatra is one of the major assets.  She has done a commendable job. The performances of all the characters  felt real as the actors portrayed them very well Ravi Varman got an interesting role. Sudarshan’s energetic performance evoke good laughs. Aditya Menon is fine. The rest of the cast also made their presence felt.

Technical: The Story of  Rajdhooth is superb and the dialogues are impressive. The Cinematography is in sync with the story and carries a big-budget feel.  He  captured a few natural locations in the interiors well.  The director Arjun & Carthyk take their  time in establishing the whole set up and characters and only then they proceed into the core story. The director uses the presence of  actor Meghamsh well. The production values are superb. The team has done great work in casting departments. Each actor, have done their parts well.


Verdict: Rajdhooth revolves around the bicycle. The film has an amazing story. Overall Rajdhooth  is an engaging ride. The film has sufficient ingredients to make it work at box office.

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