Nenu Lenu Movie Review

Nenu Lenu Movie ReviewMovie Review: Nenu Lenu

 Director:  Ramu Kumar ASK,

 Producer: Sukri,

 Music:  Aasrith,

 Starring: Harshith, Sri Padma, Vamsikrishna Pandya, Madhavi, Biswajitnath

 Rating: 3.5/5

 Harshith and Sri Padma starrer Nenu Lenu, directed by Ramu Kumar ASK and produced by Sukri, has hit the theaters. Apart from the lead pair, the film also has Vamsikrishna Pandya, Madhavi, and  Biswajitnath in supporting roles. Let’s see the story of Nenu Lenu.

 Story: Eswar(Harshith) , a video content generator, falls in the love of Parvathi (Sri Padma).  As Parvathi’s parents does not like Eswar, both decides to leave the house  but unfortunately their plan become fail.  On the other side, Parvathi’ father wants to test Eswar’s love for his daughter and plays a drama. What happens next?  Why does Eshwar become unconscious? How does Parvathi change Eshwar’s mindset? Form Rest of the story.

 Plus Points:

·         Performance

·         Harshith

·         Screenplay

·         Direction

·         Story

 Minus Points:

·         Editing

 Performance:  Harshith has given his superb performance. His body languages, way of dialogue delivery and facial expressions are up to the mark. He is very fit in this role. His performance is good and will surely gain some brownie points. Sri Padma looks cute and she does fantastic job. The chemistry between  Harshith and Sri Padma are highlighted. Vamsikrishna Pandya is fine. Madhavi, Biswajitnath and rest of the cast perform accordingly.

Technical: Ramu Kumar ASK sets up the tone for the film with a good introduction of characters and well written initial portions. The dialogue writer does good job. The dialogues and key scenes involving the protagonist are extremely impressive. Background score by Aasrith is over the top. Nenu Lenu has a heartwarming feel and that is beautifully captured by the cameraman. Editing is ok. The film’s runtime is crisp. Production values are good and the film looks rich in many areas.

 Analysis: One the whole, Nenu Lenu is a good entertainer thriller drama. Beautiful emotions, family values and romance, this film has it all. The movie has a good connectivity factor which everyone can relate to easily. Harshith has upped  his game to another level with this film and he will surely pull the crowds to the theaters with his performance. Coming to the work of Ramu Kumar ASK, his screenplay is top notch. Telugu cinema is truly churning out the best content oriented films in recent times and Nenu Lenu is one such film which should not be missed.