Who is behind Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Leaks?

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu show runs on suspense factor. But recently, it seems, there have been incidents of news leaking before the show is telecast and so it is killing suspense factor. “Leak” of some inside news in social media is giving shock to the audiences.  Though TV vipers are very happy with the anchoring skills of Natural Star Nani but since the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 2 was telecast, there is no end of leaks. Initially, before the first episode of Bigg Boss 2  itself social media widely reported probable contestants and the list almost matched with the final list. Later, the leakage of news in past 3 weeks, are really spoiling the suspense factor. Couple of weeks back, Syamala’s eviction was leaked one day before.

The reason behind the leak could be the location of the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu show. Bigg Boss 1 which was hosted by young Tiger Jr NTR was shot in Lonavala in Pune whereas for the Bigg Boss 2, the makers arranged the sets at Annapurna Studios . There is a buzz that the technicians who are working at Annapurna Studios are from Hyderabad and they are leaking the information about the Bigg Boss 2 show on social media sites. Such kind of leakages are spoiling the entertainment of the show and the makers of Bigg boss 2 need to take care fixing these leakages.

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